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I used to wonder why people stopped updating their Wicca websites, but now I know - real life gets in the way, and I'm about to do the same thing. :(

I'd like to come back to Shadows of Oz one day, but for the foreseeable future, I just don't have the spare time to devote to updating. Maybe one day I'll learn CSS and revamp the whole site, but for the time being, Shadows of Oz is all it's going to be. Hopefully, that means it continues to be a guide for those of you starting out down the Wiccan path - enjoy it, such as it is!


Shadows of Oz is the Wicca website I (LunarStorm) created for all those in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere that can't find anything useful in the masses of Northern Hemisphere-related Wicca resources out there. I had the same problem when I first began putting together my own Book of Shadows - I'm from Melbourne, Australia - and could find very little information on Wicca in the Southern Hemisphere, let alone Australian Wicca specifically! So, I did a lot of reading and some hard work and figured out how all the stuff in the Northern Hemisphere books and websites changes when you live south of the equator.

Wondering what exactly Shadows of Oz is and why it exists? Check out What is Shadows of Oz?. And don't forget to sign the Shadows of Oz guestbook before you leave... PK Simpson


Pagans of  Australia & Southern Hemisphere

Pagans of Australia & Southern Hemisphere

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