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The phases of the Moon and what workings should be done under them. For a list of dates and times of Moon phases until 2013, visit this page.

Dark/New Moon

Dark of the Moon

The 3 days before New Moon (Moon cannot be seen in the sky).

Ruled by Hecate
No magick traditionally - if magick is done, it's with Hecate

New Moon

The Moon cannot be seen in the sky.

Personal growth
New things
Blessing new project/venture
Success should be obtained by next Full Moon

Maiden phase of the Goddess. The Maiden is full of innocence and curiosity and sometimes even Puckish playfulness. She
may play tricks on you from time to time at this point. This is where the cycle is often thought to "begin".

Waxing Moon

 From New Moon to Full Moon.

Attraction magick (especially New to 1st Quarter)
Building, growth

The Warrior Mother a strong young huntress, Artemis-like, growing stronger and more mature. The Goddess
will lead you along through lessons, sometimes faster than you think you can go, teaching peer-to-peer.

Full Moon

Full Moon magick can be conjured 3 days prior, the day of and 3 days after the Full Moon.

Planning, releasing, working backwards in time
?our heart? desire seek
Results can take about 1 lunar cycle

The nurturing Mother, in the prime of her life and caring for her children. She is at the height of
her powers and can and will help you with almost anything.

Waning Moon

From Full Moon to New Moon.

Banishing/rejecting (negativity, bad habits, ailments, etc.)

This is the time of the Crone the wise, ageing old mother.


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