Ever heard the term "fluffy bunny"? Most web-savvy Wiccans/Witches have - they've seen someone in a chat room called a fluffy bunny, been called one themselves or maybe even called someone else one. This is a short description of what a fluffy bunny is and why we need to stop bunny-bashing.

Fluffy bunnies are also called McWiccans, Insta-Witches, Wicclets (my personal favourite), Whitelighters, One-Book Witches, Playgans, Baby Pagans, Weekend Witches, Wictims, Wicabes and Wanna Blessed Bes (thankyou, Willow), among other things (this isn't all the synonyms by far). These names should tell you something about what "fluffy bunny" means - it is a derogatory term aimed at people displaying the characteristics listed below (and also often at newbies). There are apparently a few different 'flavours' of fluffy bunny:

Now that we know what a fluffy bunny is, we can decide whether we really want to be a part of the 'bunny-bashing'. If you've been in a few Wiccan/Pagan chat rooms, you'll probably know what I mean - people that call themselves Witches/Wiccans/Pagans can behave appallingly towards others that they perceive to be 'fluffy'. These people would not welcome being spoken to as they speak to others, yet they feel it's okay to belittle and criticise to their heart's content.

I realise that there are some nitwits out there that really are embarrassing the serious Wiccans/Witches/Pagans and misinforming society at large, but there are fluffy bunnies out there that really do want to find out what Wicca is and are genuinely naïve and misinformed (by 'sources' such as Charmed and The Craft). These people don't know any better and the Pagan community in general would be better served by trying to calmly direct these alleged bunnies in a better direction (not preaching at them) and guiding them towards a better understanding of Wicca/Witchcraft. Calling people names accomplished nothing. Also, a lot of people labelled as bunnies are just new to Wicca/Witchcraft - attacking these people is just mean, because they haven't had a chance to learn a great deal yet. You were a newbie once too, and if you're abusing them you need to sit down, shut up and think about why you're berating people for not knowing what they haven't had time to learn.

There are, of course, those that don't want to know better - the "wilfully ignorant" (an excellent definition I've seen around the place). These people are not exclusive to Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism - they exist in all religions, organisations and societies. If they don't want to know, don't try to convert them - you don't like it when people try to convert you, do you? Leave them to themselves and talk to more open-minded people - it's much less stressful.

Lastly, there's a movement getting rolling out there that's trying to reclaim the "fluffy bunny" label and make it a sort of nametag they wear with pride. Guys, being fluffy is bad and there's nothing you can do about that - but good on you for being optimistic enough to try.

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