November 1

Pronounced "bell-tayn".  The word either means "Bel-fire" in honour of Belanos the Sun God or it breaks down to
bel ("bright, shining") and tane ("fire").

Other names:

Bealtaine    ~    Bealtainne    ~    Festival of Flowers

Beltain    ~    Beltaine    ~    Walburga


The God and Goddess have matured, becoming young adults. The Lord and Lady fall in love and They enter into marriage and sexual union - as a result of this, the Lady becomes pregnant by the Lord. The Earth is fertile - full of growing things in abundance.



Excitement, desire, fulfilled anticipation, sensual, sensuous, abandoned, sexual passion, creativity, fertility, life, liveliness, creation, warmth, promise, beauty, blossom, exultation, the growth of bright sunshine, the intoxication of the senses, aspiration, expansion, greenery.


Apple, jarrah, oak, lilac, rose, strawberries.


Green, warm pink, bright blue, lemon yellow, red, white.

The third balefire holiday. Beltane is the festival of the Sacred Handfasting, and is the time of the year when sexuality and fertility are recognised and most revered. This is the festival of the Great Rite - of sexual union between Goddess and God. At Beltane balefires it is traditional to leap the fire for luck, especially for young couples and newlyweds.
Other festivities at Beltane include bobbing for apples, and sharing in seasonal fruit. As the season of fertility, a Maypole is erected and bright ribbons are hung on and wrapped around it. The Maypole is a phallic symbol and represents the masculine, while the soft coloured ribbons are the feminine. The union of the two symbolises the union of the God and Goddess. It is legend that children conceived at Beltane were gifted by the Gods.

Beltane is a great time for new beginnings, and an excellent time to start a coven, or initiate new members. Consider this time for wiccanings and handfastings, as well as new beginnings generally. This is the time to fertilise your dreams with action.

Altar decoration:

Symbols of fertility, candles in the fresh pastel colours of spring, large candles (represent balefires).

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