August 1

Pronounced "im mol'c" and means "in the belly" (Gaelic) as life begins to stir in the belly of Mother Earth.

Other names:

Candlemas    ~    Imbolg    ~    Oimelc

Brigantia    ~    Bride's Day


The Lady continues her recovery. The Maiden is awakening within Her as spring blooms upon the warming Earth. The God is the Prince - young and growing. The Sun is brightening and chasing away the last of winter's cold.



Light, bright, change, initiation, infancy, dawn, new growth, creativity, learning, purity, cleansing, new beginnings, hope, spring cleaning, banishing winter season.


Violet, lavender, wattle, basil, blackberry, heather, iris, cedar, leaves from evergreen trees.


White, green, lavender, yellow, pink, brown.

Imbolc is the celebration of the imminent arrival of spring. Homes are decorated with garlands and fresh native flowers and thanks are given that warmth is returning to the Earth. The buds and new growth of spring are starting to become visible. Imbolc is a celebration of all that is fresh, new and young.

Appropriate rituals for this holiday include celebrations of the Sun or Brigid and the light and inspiration they provide (such as lighting every room in the house for a short period of time after dark), as well as initiation and Goddess dedication rituals. The goddess Brigid has three spheres of influence - inspiration, healing, and smithcraft - which She shares with Her followers on this holiday. This is an ideal time to divine your future through tarot, runes or trance. You may also draw upon the growing strength of the Sun to provide inspiration for your growth.

Light and candles should adorn the ritual area - celebrate, the Earth is awakening from Her winter sleep!

Altar decoration:

Red/pink/brown candles, bread, corn dollies, spring flowers, seeds.

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