Here you'll find the Shadows of Oz copyright statement and privacy policy, plus some basic info on internet copyright.

Shadows of Oz Copyright Statement

All original works on Shadows of Oz (graphics, text and also the site's 'look and feel') are ? Megan Smith, and all rights are reserved.

For those of you that find one of my original graphics (that means all title images, dividers and things with a '?' symbol on them), or a section of original text (that'd be all of it, unless otherwise indicated) on Shadows of Oz that you'd like to use yourself, feel free to right click and save (although I'd hope you could make your own titles!). If you're going to use it on your own website or publish it somewhere, then please give me credit for creating it. You don't need to e-mail and ask, but I do insist that you put '? Megan Smith' on/in it somewhere. My original graphics and text aren't linkware, but I'd much appreciate it if you'd link back to Shadows of Oz somewhere on your site if you've used something of mine. If it isn't attributed to someone else, it's my own work and must have the copyright posted with it if you use it.

If you find an image within Shadows of Oz that you recognise as being yours or someone else's property, please e-mail me and tell me whether I can just add the proper credit or if it must be taken off the site - either way, it'll be done ASAP. I intensely dislike the theft of other people's original material, and any instances of that within Shadows of Oz are completely accidental.

Shadows of Oz Privacy Policy

Anyone that fills in a form on Shadows of Oz to contact me, sign the guestbook or recommend this site to a friend is asked to provide their email address (and in the case of recommending Shadows of Oz, other people's emails). These are used only to allow me to reply to any correspondence.

All the visitors to Shadows of Oz are also logged by, for the purposes of determining how many people are actually visiting the site :). The most detail this information goes into is where you are visiting from, and provides no indication of who you are. In logging your visit, a cookie is generated that allows StatCounter to tell me if you're a first time visitor or a returning one.

There are many links to other sites within Shadows of Oz, and their privacy policies are completely independent of Shadows of Oz and the Shadows of Oz Privacy Policy. If you're concerned about what they do with your details, check out the privacy policy on their site.

Any details gathered through your visit to Shadows of Oz are never passed on to any third party for any reason.


Some info on internet copyright

What is copyright and when does it apply?

Copyright gives authors, artists and others the right to exclude others from using their works. Rights are established automatically when a protectable work has been fixed in a physical form, such as being saved on a floppy disk or hard drive. A poem or picture is as much protected on a disk as on a piece of paper or canvas.

What can be copyrighted?

In the case of a web page, such as this one, copyright applies to the unique underlying design of a web page and its contents, including: links; original text, graphics, audio and video; html, vrml and other unique mark-up language sequences.

You cannot copyright an idea, information, mathematical formula/model, words, names, short phrases, etc. For example, say you have created a Wheel of the Year graphic. The design of your graphic (arrangement and formatting of images and text, etc.) is yours, but the idea of creating a round Wheel of the Year with the eight holidays arranged around it cannot be copyrighted by anyone, as the Wheel of the Year concept is information rather than design.

Who can copyright material?

Anyone is entitled to use the copyright symbol on their original work, but it doesn't have to display the copyright symbol (i.e. ? Megan Smith) to be protected.

What is the public domain and what has it got to do with copyright?

When something is placed in the public domain, it can be used by anyone for any purpose - there are no legal restrictions upon it. These are things like graphics/items specifically posted as being in the public domain, mathematical formulae/models, and works created before the advent of copyright laws.

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