The most common email I get via Shadows of Oz is from people wanting tips on meeting other Wiccans/Pagans, and it occurred to me that I should just build a page dedicated to networking... and here it is! :)

Events/public rituals

A lot of people wouldn't know it, but there are heaps of Wiccan/Pagan events on throughout the year. For those of you in Victoria, there are monthly Pagans in the Pub meetings in Geelong and Melbourne; monthly coffee shop moots in Werribee; various public rituals (particularly those run by Melbourne Reclaiming); and plenty of workshops on various topics. There are also heaps of events run regularly in other states (for instance, Sydney Pagans in the Pub).

The best way I've found to discover these events is to join an eGroup (such as those listed below) where notices are posted for upcoming events, or to check out events listings like those on the websites of the Pagan Awareness Network Australia and Witches of the World (The Witches' Voice networking pages, where you can also find personals, events/circles/workshops, services, etc. for your area).



Yahoo! eGroups are a great way to connect with other Pagans, either by messaging or at events advertised by other members. There's a group for just about everyone and everywhere, but some of the bigger ones include:

- WitchesOfMelbourne (the Melbourne eGroup, in my opinion!);

- WitchesOfCanberra, WitchesOfSydney, Adelaide Pagans, and GC Pagan (Gold Coast);

- PaganQLD and Northern Territory Pagans;

- Uni Pagans (Australia-wide network of Wiccan/Pagan uni students); and

- WitchesWorkshop, which has the most members of any Australian eGroup I've come across.

You can also use the Yahoo! directory to find other Australian eGroups for your area. Yahoo! eGroups often send out a 'daily digest' email, with the day's interesting posts/event notices, so you don't even have to check their message boards for details. :)


For those of you that like to chat, you can try a Wiccan/Pagan chat room, such as innercircle (an ICQ chat room, generally with a good cross-section of Wiccans/Pagans from all over the world), or try making friends directly through PaganSpace (basically MySpace for pagans).


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