A selection of good Australian shops that carry New Age/Pagan/Wiccan-related materials/products. If you know of one I haven't listed, tell me about it - especially in South Australia!


Visit the EcoSilk Bags Australia website

We Wiccans are an environmentally conscious lot, and this company should interest you - they make cheap, endlessly-recyclable parachute silk bags that fold up to nothing and can easily be carried around in a handbag/glove box. They're available in a few different styles and heaps of colours, and are a great alternative to the green supermarket enviro-bags. Check out the website and either order them online (A$6.50 each) or find a stockist near you.



Avalon Risen

An online shop based in Oregon (I know, Oregon isn't in Australia!) that's in this list because of its huge range of items - if you have to go shopping overseas for a particular item, you'll probably find it here. Avalon Risen also has a selection of articles, poetry, humour and book reviews that are worth a look, and they donate a portion of their profits to conservation projects.

Visit Avalon Risen


EcoLite Candles

An online shop based in the Northern Territory that's packed with beautiful candles made from natural vegetable wax (not paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil). They have every size candle you could want, from pillar candles to tea lights, plus a range of candle accessories, suncatchers, books, crystals, oils and giftware. They also publish a free e-zine covering a variety of topics (from sabbat celebrations to recipes) that's well worth a look!

Visit EcoLite Candles



A nifty little online shop based in NSW that carries only things related to the Moon - diaries, calendars, bookmarks, books, cards, address books, wall charts, etc. - everything you need to keep up with the phases of the Moon. They also offer belly dancing classes :)

Visit MoonDiary.com.au



A little online shop based in Melbourne that carries New Age and Wicca-specific stuff - books, CDs, tools, moon diaries, blank Books of Shadows, etc. Have a look around sometime, especially at the books (avoiding Fiona Horne, if possible...) :)

Visit MysticMonkey.com.au


Mythic Chamberz

A great online shop with all sorts of cool soy candles/wax melts and assorted Wiccan/Pagan items at very reasonable prices, with even better postage rates. They've got (among other things) Books of Shadows, incense, soy candles, divination tools, ritual items and some wonderful statues and figurines of Gods and Goddesses. Also one of the few sites I've seen that carries cauldrons (mini ones, but very nice). This site is definitely worth a look!

Visit Mythic Chamberz



This online shop carries some interesting and uncommon Wiccan/Pagan items - cross stitches, ritual clothing, some self-published booklets, pagan kids' clothes, glass runes sets, ritual scrolls and so on. Very much worth looking at.

Visit ObsidianStar.net


Realm of White Magic

This will be very useful for those of you looking for herbs and botanicals - if you need it, you'll find it here. Also carries a huge range of: books, magazines, candles, incense, smudge sticks, crystals, oils, ritual tools, Australian pagan music/DVDs, altar cloths, jewellery, etc. - they've got more stuff than I can list! They've also got a message board and chat room - a must see site!

Visit the Realm of White Magic




Esoteric Bookshop

Not just a bookshop! Carries a wide variety of Wiccan/Pagan/New Age reading materials, but also stocks things like CDs and blank Books of Shadows. Handy online store with very reasonable prices in AU$! Cheaper than buying your metaphysical books at your local shopping centre - check it out next time you'd like something new to read.

Find it at: 471 Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena

Phone: 03 9530 4843

Visit the Esoteric Bookshop website


Haunted Bookshop

An occult bookshop that has stacks of Wiccan/Pagan and just plain interesting occult books. You'll be amazed at how many books have been written on Wicca and the occult! You can wander into the physical shop or use the online one.

Find it at: 15 McKillop St., Melbourne

Phone: 03 9670 2585

Visit the Haunted Bookshop website



A brilliant little shop in Melbourne that sells some absolutely gorgeous magickal accessories (athames, wands, blank Books of Shadows, chalices, candles, crystals, etc.) as well as books, herbs, resins, etc. You'll also find tarot readings and some intriguing workshops (on spells, scrying, etc). Well worth a look if you're in the city.

Find it at: Shop 17 Royal Arcade

331-339 Bourke St. Mall, Melbourne

(between Little Collins St. and the Bourke St. Mall)

Phone: 03 9639 7000

Visit the SpellBox website


Uncle Fester's

A HUGE range of Wiccan/Pagan items - clothes, jewellery, books, candles, ritual tools - they have too much stuff to list here, so go and check it out! They also have an online shop.

Find it at: Shop 1 / 97 Vincent St., Daylesford

Phone: 03 5427 3944

Visit Uncle Fester's website




Magickal You

Details are sketchy, but the description I found listed crystals, jewellery, and general Wiccan/Pagan-ness. No website, unfortunately.

Find it at: Shop 2 / 211 West St., Umina Beach

Phone: 04 2479 2828


Shearer's Bookshop

This book shop has a good range of Wicca/Pagan/New Age reading materials. Check out the 'religion' section and take your pick of topics. They also have an online shop.

Find it at: 99 Norton St., Leichhardt

Phone: 02 9572 7766

Visit the Shearer's Bookshop website





A great shop with an excellent range of diaries, books, CDs, herbs, resins, clothing, jewellery, ritual tools, altar things, and lots of other stuff. You HAVE TO check out their online shop for their Australian Wicca books.

Find it at: Shop 12 / Level 1 / Unit 108, Bunda St., Canberra

Phone: 02 6257 2492

Visit the Lunation website




Wizard's Realm

A huge range of all kinds of stuff - candles, books, ritual tools, cauldrons, oils, herbs, incense, clothing, and so on. Well worth a look - you'll find whatever you need here! Had both a physical shopfront and on online shop, but the website seems to have disappeared - I'm not sure if the physical shop is still there, but it's still listed in the Yellow Pages.

Find it at: 30 Reid St., Petrie

(you need to phone ahead for an appointment)

Phone: 07 3889 2694




Akashic Bookshop

Wiccan/Pagan shops seem to be a rarity in Tassie, but here's one recommended by a visitor to Shadows of Oz. They've got books (obviously), but there are also quite a few tarot/rune/divination packs and some lovely jewellery and sculptures. If you're in the vicinity, have a look around.

Find it at: Shop 7, Upper Level Elizabeth Plaza, Hobart

Phone: 03 6231 9107

Visit the Akashic Bookshop website




Blue Angel

More New Age than Wiccan/Pagan, but they do carry some lovely jewellery, useful books and incenses, oils, tarot cards - that sort of thing.

Find it at: 392 Fitzgerald St., North Perth

Phone: 08 9227 6183

Visit the Blue Angel website


Sun Moon & Star Spiritual Centre

This shop has a good range of general Wiccan/Pagan/New Age things - jewellery, incense, oils, herbs, resins, smudge sticks, ritual tools, candles, crystals, divination tools, statues, cauldrons, besoms, books - everything you could want. Definitely worth a look, and they accept mail orders.

Find it at: 16 Minilya Ave., White Gum Valley

Phone: 08 9431 7774

Visit the Sun Moon & Star website





I know it's not exactly a Wiccan/Pagan shop, but Bookworld has a large range of Wiccan/Pagan books for those looking for something new to read, and they also have an online shop. Wiccan/Pagan shops seem to be pretty thin on the ground up north, so this is the best I can do :)

Find it at: 30 Smith St. Mall, Darwin

Phone: 08 8981 5277

Visit the Bookworld website


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