On my travels through cyberspace, these are some links I've found to be useful. They're divided into sections now, because the list was getting quite long (at least until the demise of GeoCities, which lost us a lot of good content).

Australian Wiccan/Pagan sites

General Wiccan/Pagan sites

Wiccan/Pagan e-zines

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If you're looking for useful shops (online or otherwise), I've got a page of good Australian shops you might like to peruse.

 ~ Australian Wiccan/Pagan sites ~

Blackthorn's Wicca Pages

An online Book of Shadows from South Australia written by very helpful people.



Go to Caer Australis

 A mainly Celtic site, for those of you so inclined, that also contains a comprehensive

and very useful resources/links page.


Go to the Pagan Awareness Network Inc. - an excellent Wiccan/Pagan information and resources site.



 ~ General Wiccan/Pagan sites ~

Go to the Alternative Religion Educational Network

This is basically a current-affairs website for people in non-mainstream religions - it seems to be mainly Pagan, though.

There are news items, articles, reference documents, and a newsletter.


Cauldron Living

An extensive online Wiccan/Pagan community with shops, chat rooms, online covens and all sorts of cool stuff like that. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, there is the Coven of the Sacred Forest.



Cranky Crone's Corner

This is a gem of a blog. Written by a no-nonsense, no-fluff Witch that's been practicing for a good many years. If you're looking for something from the keyboard of a pre-Silver RavenWolf Witch, this is something you'll want to read. Quite enlightening and very amusing.



Daven's Journal

Another wonderful website/blog, full of articles/blog entries written by a Druid/Pagan called Daven. He describes his site as 'Wicca 201' and sometimes 'Wicca 301' - not for absolute beginners, but for those a little further down the path. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.


Internet Sacred Text Archive

This is a stimulating resource. Basically, it's an online library full of all sort of texts/books related to anything remotely spiritual. There's a whole section devoted to Neopaganism/Wicca that contains "The Gardnerian Book of Shadows" (I don't know how correct it is, but it looks good), books by Gerald Gardner and Margaret Murray and others (really - in full), and older works like Malleus Maleficarum and King James I's Dæmonology. Some of the 'info' found here has since been discredited (i.e. most of Murray's works), or was never true at all (i.e. old Witch-hunters' stuff) but it's definitely worth perusing these volumes (especially Gardner!).



Making a Traditional Witch's Besom

Ever wondered how to make your own honest-to-Goddess Witch's broom? On this website you'll find an explanation, with photos, of the process from beginning to end.


Music to Celebrate By

A collection of Wiccan songs, carols, chants and things.




A nifty networking site that's kind of like a Pagan MySpace. If you're looking to meet and greet some other people doing the kind of Pagan thing you're doing - whatever that may be - then look here. There are some very friendly groups for those of us in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, and also for residents of Commonwealth countries (which is a nice idea).


Sacred Spiral

This site is a collection of Wiccan/Pagan essays (for lack of a better word), covering things like types of magick, gods, goddesses, superstitions, spirituality, exercises, pagan history - all sorts of interesting topics. You should definitely peruse this site at some point.


Go to Spirit and Sky - if it's Pagan, you'll be able to find out about it here.



An excellent Pagan forum/message board


The Witches' Sabbats

Mike Nichols' homepage - if you want to learn about the sabbats in more detail, start here (it's an American site, but still wonderful). This site is the original (less polished) form of Nichols' book The Witches' Sabbats and includes a free full-text library of some of the old original Wiccan/Pagan texts. Nichols also discusses some other interesting Craft-related stuff.


Go to the Witches' Voice - huge Pagan news and information site.

Witchvox.com also has a Witches of the World index - there are links to local

Wicca/Witchcraft resources all over the world from this page.


Go to Wicca: For the Rest of Us

This is maybe the most thought-provoking website I've seen. It doesn't so much teach you about Wicca as it dispels myths and make you question why you believe any particular 'fact' in the first place. If you haven't already, thoroughly read every page on this site and then set about answering the questions you'll be asking yourself.



Yahoo! Groups - Paganism Directory

I know, it's not like all the other links on this page. But, if you're looking for some like-minded people to chat to, there's a group for everyone - no matter what your location or trad (or lack of). There are literally thousands of groups, and you'll find some for people in most major cities and towns, for Asatru, Druids, Wiccans (eclectic and trad), Witches, Heathens and of course for teens - and many of these groups have resources for those looking for a coven or some face-to-face Pagan contact. Another nifty feature of the Yahoo! Group is that you can find out about Pagan events going on in your area, and about what's going on in your local Pagan community.

 ~ Wiccan/Pagan e-zines ~


This is a free Pagan e-zine for children - it has colouring pages, spells and rituals for kids, articles and info on the lore connected with the current sabbat. It is published eight times a year, corresponding with the sabbats.



Cauldron and Candle Newsletter

This is a good, free Pagan e-zine, from The Cauldron (the Pagan forum site in the above category) in the form of a regular text-only newsletter sent via mass mail to the members of their Yahoo! Group. It contains book reviews, articles, recipes and all things Pagan and is absolutely worth a look.



Copper Moon

This is a free, quarterly Pagan e-zine written by teens/young people (16-24) for their peers. There are book and music reviews, interviews and articles to be found here, and this is probably an excellent publication for those young people just starting out along the Wiccan path.



Global Goddess Oracle

A small, free Goddess-oriented e-zine, published at at every sabbat. You'll find poems, sabbat info/lore, articles and gardening by the Moon. This is an appealing little 'zine, with only a few articles per issue - fortunately, they are quite useful. Worth a look.


Green Egg Zine

The famous Green Egg magazine is back as an e-zine - they do several .pdf issues a year (season/sabbat-related), and a one-year subscription will cost you US$13; good value for us Aussies with the current exchange rate, and you'll also get access to the back issues that have been digitised. The site also has a forum, which is now free to use for all, so do yourself a favour and take a look at the most famous pagan publication ever!



This is a pagan tabloid newspaper from the American northwest, that published all their issues online for us to read for free! :) They put out eight issues a year that are sabbat-themed and full of articles worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately they are currently 'on hiatus', as of 2007, and the last issue published online was Imbolc 2006. Though they're not publishing these days, there are back issues on the website from 1995 onwards :). You MUST visit this site and do a little reading!

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