Cord magick (also called knot magick) uses the practice of tying knots in a length of rope/string to concentrate and direct the magickal energy you raise - the cord is a physical 'container' for the magick and the process of physically tying knots in it helps to focus you subconscious mind on your magick. This kind of magick is excellent for bringing energy towards you and also banishing it, and is easy to undo. Here you'll find the basic concepts and practices of cord magick.

There are 3 things you'll need to consider before you do any cord magick:

  1. Cord colour - You'll need to choose a colour with the appropriate correspondence/s for your working. If you can't lay your hands on an appropriate colour cord, you can use white, red or black (the colours of early Goddess worship) - white can also be substituted for any colour. You can find a list of colour correspondences here.

  2. Cord length - Traditionally, cord magick is done with a cord 13 inches long - but the length of the cord really isn't the essence of the practice. I've seen people use cords 13 inches to 9 yards in length and all the measurements in between! I personally like a length of 13 inches, because 13 is a good number for me and also because I've got to tie 9 knots in it and 13 inches is not too long and not too short. You get to make up your own mind!

  3. Whether or not the cord will be disposable - Whether or not you keep your cord traditionally depends on what working you do. If you wanted to banish something (i.e. a bad habit or negativity), then you could take the cord away from your house and bury it somewhere or burn it (make sure you don't litter!). If you are trying to draw something towards you, then you could keep the cord until that thing manifests (after that, you would release the magick - we'll talk about that a little further on). Of course, if you feel you would like to keep the cord and reuse it, you can simply release the magick (again, we'll talk about that in a minute) and consecrate the cord.

Before you use your cord in magick, you should always consecrate it first - as with all magickal implements. You can use a ceremonial ritual, or a quick spoken consecration.

Making the Magick

As with all magick, this should be done inside a magick circle. Make sure you have everything you need inside with you before you start - also note that you can customise the rhyme and make it say anything you like!

When you are ready to start, take the consecrated cord in your hands. Picture your desire in your mind, and concentrate on it. As you tie the knots in the following order,

visualise your desire manifesting and say the corresponding part of the rhyme below:

By knot of one, this spell's begun

By knot of two, my words are true

By knot of three, it comes to be

By knot of four, power's in store

By knot of five, this spell's alive

By knot of six, this spell is fixed

By knot of seven, the answer's given

By knot of eight, I meld with fate,

By knot of nine, the thing is mine!

Or you could use this rhyme:

By knot of one this string I tie,

Let the magick begin, don't let it die.

By knot of two it will come true,

Whether I make it for me or you.

By knot of three it comes to be,

The magick will happen as you will see.

By knot of four my message will soar,

Up to the Gods whom we adore.

By knot of five the magick's alive,

It will happen, it will survive.

By knot of six it will be fixed,

The power increasing as the clock ticks.

By knot of seven this spell I'll leaven,

As the message is carried up to the heavens.

By knot of eight it will not wait,

The magick will happen, it won't be late.

By knot of nine my magick will shine,

It is my will placed in this rhyme.

After the ninth knot is tied, you're done! Take down your magick circle, and either store your cord in a safe place (if you are trying to draw something towards you) or take the cord away from your house and bury it (if you want to send something away from you). Personally, I nearly always keep the cord - just so I can undo the magick if I need to.

Undoing the Magick

Cord magick is very easy to undo. You would do this if you kept your cord and your desire has manifested itself, whether you want to reuse the cord or not. It's a good idea to 'close the book' on your magick after it has brought about what you wanted.

To undo your cord magick, you must untie the knots in the opposite order to which they were tied. Locate the ninth knot (the diagram for tying the knots from the section above would be useful here), and untie that first - as you do this, say the following rhyme:

With this knot that I untie,

Release the magick, let it fly.

An it harm none, set it free,

This is my will, so mote it be.

After you have untied the ninth knot, find the eighth and repeat the process - and so on and so forth until all the knots are untied. When you have no knots left, the magick is no longer 'active'. If you don't want to reuse the cord, you can now either burn it or bury it. If you do plan to reuse it, make sure you cleanse and consecrate it thoroughly!

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