This is my own Wiccan 'creation myth' - being the scientific creature that I am, I don't feel at all comfortable with the traditional Wiccan equivalent of the Christian Genesis "So God created man in his own image" fairytale (yes, I said fairytale) and I just could not find a myth I felt was credible. So, after researching the different Wiccan creation myths out there and looking at my belief in evolution, I came up with this combination that I do feel comfortable with. Be warned, it is an evolutionary Wiccan creation myth - it is not "And God created this and that and the other". If you're looking for that sort of thing, you need to look elsewhere.

In the beginning, before people, before the creation of the Earth, there was the All. The All existed in knowing, stillness, silence and darkness. From this place of nothingness, the All drew upon itself and the Goddess exploded into being in an eruption of glittering silver light. Her essence is the totality of perfect love and perfect trust. In Her heart she held the spirit of the Divine, and there was no part of Her that was not of the Divine.

    Delighted, the Goddess began the Great Work. She danced among the heavens, Her bare feet beating out the rhythm of all creation. From this rhythm were created the stars and planets and She bid them to dance with Her. As they began to move, so the cycle of the year was born, and the divine symphony of the Universe came into form.


From Her pure, silver light came the colours of the Universe, giving all things vibrant beauty. From the bubbling laughter in Her throat come the sounds of the clear running water of the streams, the gentle lapping of the lakes and the roaring of the oceans. The essence of the Goddess is the Moon and the cycles of life, as all women have a cycle which is the bringer of life. She is the mountains and the oceans and the stars in the sky.

    When her dancing slowed, the Lady sought a companion to share the wonders of the Universe. As the All,  She created the God as Her soul mate and equal and brought Him into being with an explosion of dazzling golden light.

    Even though there were now two spirits, They were still one – They were two halves of the Whole. This Spirit watched with pride as life came into being on Earth, gradually becoming more complex and intelligent and eventually witnessing the evolution of humans. To each being our Lady gave a unique vibration with which to communicate and the Lord bestowed upon each one passion and the burning instinct to survive.

    As a gift for His magnificent handiwork and caring for the creatures of Earth, the Lady gave the Lord a crown of stag antlers, which He wears upon His great head. This appearance of half man, half animal would forever show His joy in both the human and animal creations of Spirit. The essence of the God is the Sun and the green, growing things - forests and fields, all things that grow under the Sun.

Much later after the creation of the Universe, when humans began to prosper, they forgot about their divine parents. Although the God and Goddess called to Their children, they did not hear. They were lost, fighting the demons they themselves had created. Not wishing to abandon Their children, the Lord and Lady made the decision to create healers and workers of harmony among the humans to remind them of the Divine source. Within each special soul would be the remembrance of the Great Work: love, creation and movement in harmony. So the Lord and Lady drew forth energy from the Realm of Angels and the Realm of Power Animals to make the essence of Their healers. Into the Realm of Humans They instilled these special souls to convey the divinity of Spirit. These beings of power were called Witches.

    The Goddess taught the Witches the wisdom of the Universe. They were instructed how to cast the Circle and how to communicate with Spirit, because the humans of Earth had forgotten. In each soul She implanted the ability to work Magick. The God taught the Witches how to connect with the elements and spirits of Air, Fire, Earth and Water and to commune with the animal and plant kingdoms.

    At first, the humans accepted the Witches and treated them fairly. But, because the Witches were different, the other humans began to fear the Wise Ones of the God and Goddess. And so the Witches became the Hidden Children, conducting their rites of positive energy in secret, so as not to risk capture and then punishment at the hands of their fearful brothers and sisters.

We are the Witches, the demonstration of the wisdom of the Lord and Lady. We are the power and we are the change - we are embodied in every race and every culture. Once a month, when the Moon is Full, the Witches celebrate the blessings the Goddess has bestowed upon us. Four times a year, as the Sun cycles through the seasons, we celebrate the Fire Festivals and honour the Lord and His love for us. At the four midpoints of the seasons the Witches honour the cycle of life and the gifts of the Earth. When thunder roars and lightning cracks, the Lord and Lady dance the divine steps of the Universal symphony so that we may remember them and know that we are never alone.


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