Summerland is the Wiccan 'Heaven', you might say. The main difference between Heaven and Summerland, though, is that you don't live on forever in paradise in Summerland - from Summerland, you will most likely get reincarnated back onto Earth. Keep in mind that the description of Summerland below (eternal summer) is the generally accepted one - but you can meditate on it and find out your image of the ideal 'resting place'.

A cornerstone of Wiccan belief is reincarnation – that after we die, we are reborn on Earth in a new form. This process is one through which the soul is ‘perfected’ – a single lifetime is insufficient to learn all the lessons of the Universe, so we are reborn many times over. Each time we are incarnated, we are here to learn (or repeat) a particular lesson or lessons. When you have learned all you need to learn in your present life, you move on - you die. Death is not a punishment or a negative thing - it means you have completed one more step on the cosmic ladder. Nobody knows whether we are able to choose what form we are born into – I don’t believe we do, as that would mean we basically get to choose which lessons we learn. You live and die over and over again, as many times as it takes you to learn the Universe’s lessons.


Nobody knows exactly what happens after death, but it is another Wiccan belief that after you die you arrive in Summerland - where the souls that presently do not have an Earthly body wait for the right time to return to Earth and learn more of the Universe’s lessons. Summerland is the Wiccan afterlife - similar to the Celtic Tir Nan Og, the Islamic Djanna, the Hebrew Sheol, or the Norse Asgard. Summerland is kind of a ‘way station’, where the soul can rest on what is generally thought of as a peaceful plane of eternal summer, with cool groves of trees, clear streams, rolling green hills and sprawling, lush plains under a brilliant blue sky. In Summerland, the soul can visit with loved ones from previous lives and review the accomplishments and failures of its last incarnation. There is no judgement or weighing of the heart against a feather, it is simply a review of your last life on Earth.


As Wicca does not recognise a Devil figure, there is no Wiccan equivalent to Hell and this raises the question of what happens to people that don't really 'deserve' to roam around Summerland. I imagine the consequences for the Hitlers of the world lie in their next incarnation, as do the rewards for the Mother Teresas among us.

Nobody knows what happens after you have learned all the lessons there are to learn, but I believe it’s quite possible that your soul ‘ascends’ to join the energy of the God and Goddess Themselves – the wheel turns full circle and we return to that from whence we came.


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