The Witch's Pyramid describes the attributes you need to perform magick.

To Know

Know who you are and what you are. Know the magickal rite you are to perform. Know your intention and possible repercussions. Learn thoroughly as much of the Craft as you can - knowledge is power.

To Dare

Dare to do what you have planned - dare to follow through. Stand up and use the knowledge you have gained. Witches are not afraid of the unknown - we dare to stand up and be different.

To Will

Will the magick to happen - will the energy to make it happen. Will the magick to work and your desire to come about. Keep your life and magick in good order.

To Be Silent

Keep silent about what you have done: speaking too much about the magick can cause the energy to dissipate - others that know the details of your magick may also be able to interfere. Keeps the foolhardy from trying things that may be dangerous and keeps away trouble from the closed-minded. Sit back and watch, quietly.


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