When doing magick/ritual and inviting deities and magickal beings into the circle, it is important to show proper respect. They do not act the way a person does and you should be very clear and specific about what you would like them to do. Below is a list of some of the entities you may find yourself working with and the proper ways to address them/invite them to ritual.


Names: Various.
From: Spirit Realm.
How to invite them: Invite.

A familiar is a particular creature - an animal or plant - that is inhabited by Spirit. A familiar works with a Witch to help with the magick. Typically, a familiar will seek you out and will tend to be drawn to ritual. A familiar does not need a door to be cut in the magick circle when they enter or exit - they can come and go as they please without weakening the circle. The presence of a familiar will enhance the magick.
The Elements

Names: Fire, Water, Air, Earth.
From: Elemental Realm.
How to invite them: Summon.

The elements can be summoned to attend your ritual - may Witches call them in when they call the quarters. Ask the elements to stand outside the circle and guard it or just have them witness the ritual and any magick you do. Depending on the type of working to be done, a particular element may be called upon.

The Elementals

Names: Salamanders, Undines, Sylphs, Gnomes.
From: Faery Realm.
How to invite them: Summon.

Elementals can be summoned to attend ritual, but as a novice it is not a good idea to invite them into the circle. They have a basic mentality and are not compassionate little creatures - they would rather be 'paid' for their service with milk, honey, coins or shiny objects. They can observe your ritual, guard your circle and carry your magick to its destination.

Salamanders inhabit any place where there is fire - from the mantle of the Earth to a candle. Their king is named Djinn, and their energy is that of transformation - they destroy then rebuild. Because of their great energy, salamanders can be difficult to control. They are drawn by energy and strength and repelled by irritability and violence. The name 'salamander' comes from the Persian word for lizard, samandar.

Undines inhabit any place where there is water - from depths of the oceans to drops of rain. Their queen is called Niksa, and their energy is healing and purifying.

Sylphs are a force of Air - from sea breezes to tornadoes. Their king is named Paralda, and their energy imaginative and intuitive.

Gnomes are of the Earth - they are found in geological structures from mountains to pebbles. Their king is named Ghob, and their energy is of nature - fertility, abundance and growth. They are skilled crafts-gnomes, and they guard the treasures of the Earth.

Spirit Animals

Names: The species of animal.
From: Spirit Realm.
How to invite them: Summon.

A spirit animal represents the species, not a particular individual animal. They possess all the instincts and knowledge of their species. Some people have a particular spirit animal that they feel represents them - a totem animal. You can ask any spirit animal to help you, not just your own totem. You may ask them to take magic somewhere, but remember they will do so in the manner of their species.


Names: Faeries/fairies, pixies, sprites, little people.
From: Faery Realm.
How to invite them: Summon.

Faeries are 'little people' - much smaller than humans. They can take many different forms - they can look like miniature humans or elves, depending how people expect them to look. They can also change their shape to match their environment.  Faeries can be summoned to ritual and also into the magick circle, but the latter is not a good idea as a novice. They can cause mischief with energy raised inside the circle. The best times to contact faeries are at dawn, noon, dusk and midnight and on the equinoxes and solstices. Signs that they have arrived include dancing candle flames and the feeling of bugs crawling over your skin. Like elementals, faeries do not like to be thanked verbally - they prefer sweet things, milk or shiny objects to verbal thanks.
If you have an infestation of faeries, they can be 'discouraged' by putting iron objects around the house. Iron makes faeries incapable of magick - so, because they don't want to be powerless, they go away and leave you in peace.

Tree Spirits

Names: Tree spirits.
From: Faery Realm.
How to invite them: Summon.

Each tree has its own personality, depending on what kind of tree it is. For instance, a willow tree would be associated with flexibility, and oak with strength and a redgum with longevity.

Spirit Guides

Names: Varies from individual to individual.
From: Spirit Realm.
How to invite them: Request their presence.

Spirit guides are assigned to each of us at birth - they can be a soul that does not need to incarnate again. They help you learn spiritual lessons and can set up learning situations to help you evolve spiritually.


Names: Various.
From: Spirit Realm.
How to invite them: Stir.

Ancestors are sleeping figures from the past that have great power and knowledge. You do not necessarily have to be related to such a figure to consider them an ancestor - they might be a historical magickal person like Merlin, or a pharaoh of Egypt, or even a particularly wise and respected family member who has died. But, just because someone is dead does not mean they are wise.


Names: Many and various.
From: Spirit Realm.
How to invite them: Call.

There are three different levels of angels:
Level 1 - Seraphim: angels of pure love and thought; Cherubim: spirits of harmony and the wisdom of the All; Thrones: spirits of will and justice.
Level 2 - Dominions: angels of wisdom and intuition; Virtues - angels of choice and movement; Powers: angels of form and space.
Level 3 - Principalities: angels of personality and time; Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and Raphael; Angel messengers; Guardian angels.
The highest level of angels can be very intense, so dealing with them directly can be disquieting. The guardian angels and archangels are more accessible. Angels can enhance magick, carry it up to deity, or can help it manifest. They re very useful in spiritual and health matters. They like to deal more with the spiritual plane than everyday things.


Names: Many and various - all Gods and Goddesses.
From: Spirit Realm.
How to invite them: Call.

All Gods and Goddesses from all pantheons can be called to ritual. Be very familiar with any deity you do call to ritual.


Names: North Wind, Wind of the North, or Boreas;
              East Wind, Wind of the East, or Eurus;
              South Wind, Wind of the South, or Notus;
              West Wind, Wind of the West, or Zephyrus.
From: Elemental Realm.
How to invite them: Request their presence politely.

The Winds are excellent for taking your magick and delivering it quickly and forcefully - in using the Winds, you are doing Air magick. Each wind has a corresponding direction and therefore a corresponding element (i.e. the North Wind corresponds to Fire), so the appropriate wind should be chosen for your working.
The Winds are mighty forces and will take your energy wherever it needs to go. They can also be used in weather magick.

The Guardians of the Watchtowers

Names: Guardian of the Watchtower of Fire,
              Guardian of the Watchtower of Water,
              Guardian of the Watchtower of Air,
              Guardian of the Watchtower of Earth.
From: Elemental Realm.
How to invite them: Stir gently.

The Guardians of the Watchtowers are the guardians of the power of the Elemental forces of each compass point. Because they guard entities of such awesome power, they themselves are enormously powerful. They should only be invited to ritual on special occasions.

The Guardians of the Watchtowers should be called to an initiation - this is an advantage for the initiate, as the Guardians will know and watch over them and be aware of their name if they should ever ask the Guardians to attend a ritual. They can also be invited to a Wiccaning or handfasting, or can be asked to deliver your magick in dire situations where time is of the essence. They should only be brought into play in important situations.

You may read that to call the Guardians of the Watchtowers you need to cast your circle in a square room or something, so that the Guardians have corners to 'sit' on - beings such as these are not dependent on our mundane corners to sit on. If you call them, they can 'sit' (or stand or whatever) anywhere they like.

The Dragons

Names: Fire Dragon,
             Water Dragon,
             Air Dragon,
             Earth Dragon,
             Spirit Dragon.
From: Elemental Realm.
How to invite them: Stir gently (DON'T EVER make a dragon angry).

The Dragons wield the power of the element they represent. The Fire Dragon possesses all the power of erupting volcanoes and ferocious bushfires. The Water Dragon has the command of the power of the tsunami and the tides. The Air Dragon has the power of tornadoes and hurricanes. The Earth Dragon has the power of shifting tectonic plates and landslides. The Spirit Dragon is the essence of the God and Goddess, having dominion over everything on Earth.
The Dragons should only be awoken in extreme circumstances, as they are immensely powerful and not for everyday situations. They could be called in the face of a natural disaster or to a Wiccaning/handfasting, for example. Always treat them with tremendous respect.


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